The Server Operating System Has Detected an Error
  This may be a problem that you can resolve. If this page displayed at the time that you clicked the Submit or Save button, read on, otherwise contact

  We are now using a newer version of Microsoft's Server Operating system. It now does not allow a person to type and save some special characters that can be use by hackers.

  After reading the following instructions you can use the back arrow to return to the page you were on and look for and remove or replace those characters and then you can submit or save your work. The characters to look for are carrots and other HTML characters

  Look for these characters in the text boxes that you can type into. These characters may have been type previously when the software allowed them. So, look at all the text boxes on that page.

  Two of the offending characters are left and right carrots. So, if you have a email address typed like < > remove the carrots and just leave

  Until now we let you type HTML into text boxes to create body text that was bold, colored or center. since Microsoft no longer allows typing HTML into text boxes we have a new way of doing this. 
  Bold the old way: < b > Hello World < / b >.
Bold the new way (B Hello World B)
  To center a line do this (C Hello World C).
To make some text that is a little larger (L Hello World L)
  There are three new symbols to replace this (F -) and F)
Colored text the new way (F color=blue -) Hello World F)
  You can combine these to make bold colored large text.