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Event Registration Software
Our Event Registration software lets your members register for events at your website and pay with PayPal.
  • Flexible registration forms. You define the questions you want on each form.
  • Your registration forms can contain check boxes, text fields or drop-down lists.
  • Events can be free or pay by check, PayPal or credit card.
  • Pricing can be simple or dependant on the extras that a registrant selects.
  • An event can have a limit on the number of people that can attend.
  • The software will maintain a waiting list when you tell it to.
To the left are the links that will let you view and try many of the pages that make up our Web Based Event Registration software. These pages are exactly what you would use to define a new event, to view the list of those that have signed up etc. The only difference is that we have disabled the submit buttons and some data grids to keep the sample data from being changed.
Pay As You Go Pricing
If you decide to purchase Event Registration there is an initial $100 setup and training fee. After that, we charge for each person that is registered with our software for one of your events. If your event has a waiting list we will also charge for each person that is held in the waiting list.

We charge you differently for events that registrants attend for free versus those that registrants are charged to attend.
The charge is 35¢ for each registration for a free-to-attend event.
It is 65¢ for each registration for a pay-to-attend event.
When you sign up for the 30 day trial you will get an account with full capability. If you choose to upgrade from a trial account to a regular account you would retain your user name and all the data that you have entered.

     For more information use the “Getting Started Help” link that is found in the Left Nav Bar.

church management  church calendar camp software
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